Policies & Rules


Registration / Refunds

  • Registration will not be complete without full payment.
  • A 25% administrative levy on all league cancellation and league/field movements less than a month before the event date. Once the league has started, the full fee is non-refundable.
  • All tournament fees are non-refundable less than a week before the event date.
  • Your full payment will be refunded if you find a replacement team.
  • Payment for a particular League / Tournament does not guarantee your registration for the ‘next’ League session or upcoming Tournament.


  • Each team must provide the name, phone number (home or cell), of  a designated Captain.
  • Each Team captain must designate a co-captain.  The co-captain must maintain a separate email address.
  • TFC Volleyball will contact the Captain via email or telephone to convey important or time-sensitive information.  It is the responsibility of the Captain or designated co-captain to convey all information to the members of their team.
  • TFC Volleyball provides various modes of communications:
    • Telephone: (604) 255-2832
    • E-Mail: Info@TFCVolleyball.com
    • Website: http://www.tfcvolleyball.com/


  • Participants must accept the referee decisions with sportsmanlike conduct without disputing them. In case of doubt, clarification may be requested only through the game captain. Participants must refrain from actions or attitudes aimed at influencing the decision of the referee or covering up faults committed by their team.
  • Participants shall behave respectfully & courteously in the spirit of fair play, not only towards the referee, but also towards other officials, the opponents, teammates & spectators. Communication between team members during the match is permitted.
  • Inappropriate behavior, or indebtedness to TFC Volleyball, may result in a suspension or sanction.
  • Refusal to comply with a request from a representative of TFC Volleyball may result in sanctions which affect the entire team.
  • TFC Volleyball utilizes gymnasiums owned by public institutions (eg.  City of Burnaby, Burnaby/Vancouver Park Boards, etc). Members shall respect the policies / restrictions which are imposed by the property owner. There shall be no smoking, drinking, or use of profanity in the facilities. Access within the facilities shall be restricted to the gymnasiums, washrooms & the corridors that connect them to the building entrance.
  • Failure to comply with a TFC Volleyball rule may result in the interruption of a game. If the transgressor continues to defy the instructions of an authorized TFC Volleyball representative (eg. a Coordinator, referee, Director), their team may be assigned a default. If the objectionable conduct persists, the individual, or the team, may be subject to additional penalties.
  • Any person who commits an act of aggression (physical or verbal) at a TFC Volleyball event will be immediately suspended from participation in any TFC Volleyball activities.
  • A Team Captain may protest any game when they feel their opponent or referee is in violation of a TFC Volleyball rule. Any TFC Volleyball member not participating in the game in question may also protest the game if they feel the teams or referees are in violation of a TFC Volleyball rule. A referee’s ball handling calls are not grounds for protesting a game.
  • The person protesting the game must immediately inform the Referee/On-site Coordinator & the affected Captains that the game is being played under protest. It is considered sportsmanlike to provide the offending team(s) the opportunity to correct the perceived problem.
  • A team may lose a protest for being unsportsmanlike, even when they are in the right.
  • If a protest cannot be resolved during the game in question, then it should be submitted in writing to Rex within 7 days. Unsigned protests will not be considered.


  • It is understood that there are inherent physical risks associated with any sport. People may be hit by balls during the course of a game. It is not uncommon for individuals to come in contact with other participants & the gymnasium equipment. Sprained ankles, broken fingers etc. may result from participation in this sport. TFC Volleyball will be held harmless against any claims, direct or indirect, associated with personal injuries sustained at a TFC Volleyball event. It is understood that all players accept these risks as a condition of participation.
  • To ensure the safety of all concerned, TFC Volleyball reserves the right to deny an individual the opportunity to participate in a TFC Volleyball event. The reason for such an action must be explained to the Directors & to the offending party. This may, or may not, relate to the physical state of an individual.
  • Representatives of TFC Volleyball (including Directors & Co-ordinators) may conclude, cancel, or modify an event if they have a concern related to safety.
  • Realignment is the process of ranking teams. Teams will play a series of games to determine the Level where they will begin the Regular Season. Realignment enables teams to move up & down the ladder each week.