• 1. Payment Policy
    To ensure your team League &/or Tournament spot, a non-refundable Bank ETransfer or a post dated cheque (dated 2 weeks ‘before’ the event) will secure your team spot.Your payment will be refunded if you find a replacement team.Remember to provide your email address and contact number, as well as, an email address of at least one other teammate to secure your spot.Payment for a particular League / Tournament does not guarantee your registration for the ‘next’ League session or upcoming Tournament.The Performance Bond will be refunded at the End of Summer Wrap-Up Party.20% will be deducted if you don’t field a team the 1st time.  30% the 2nd time & 50% the 3rd time.
  • 2. Performance Bond
    The Grass League Performance Bond will be refunded at the End of Summer Wrap-Up Party in downtown Vancouver. Location TBD.20% will be deducted if you don’t field a full team the 1st time. 30% the 2nd time & 50% the 3rd time.
  • 3. Net Set-Up / Takedown
    Our League / Tournament Coordinators will set-up the necessary equipment and ensure the surrounding area is safe for play. Of course no assistance from you will be turned away and is appreciated.It is the responsibility of every losing team, after their last match, to takedown and return / store the equipment properly away. We would appreciate if you could point out defective equipment to the League / Tournament Coordinator.
  • 4. Sub Players
    An individual is only eligible to participate in League Play-Offs if they have subbed for the ‘same’ team at least one previous week.An individual is only eligible to participate in Tournament Play-Offs if they have subbed for ‘only’ one team, in at least one full game, in the round robin.
  • 5. Supplying Volleyballs
    A bona-fide piece of primary identification or vehicle key is required to secure an indoor or outdoor volleyball for League or Tournament play.
  • 6. Banning a Player
    An individual shall be banned from competing in a League &/or Tournament for a session, event or entire calendar year if they are abusive or use foul language towards a Coordinator(s). We welcome calm, logical 2-way and constructive discussion.
  • 7. R4 Rule Clarification – League & Tournament
    TFC Volleyball created the R4 format in 1994 & is played with 2 men & 2 women on the court with a 3 metre line. R4 has been adopted by various volleyball entities throughout the Pacific Northwest & continues to grow in popularity.GRASS:If a team fields 3 players for the Thursday Grass R4 League they do not lose a percentage of their Performance Bond, but ‘must’ play with the Ghost Rule. The Ghost Rule applies to tournament play too.A Reverse Doubles (R2) grass league team ‘must’ field a team with 2 players of the opposite sex or they will lose a percentage of their Performance Bond each week.INDOOR:If a league or tournament R4 team suffers an injury, the Ghost Rule shall apply & when it’s time for the Ghost to serve the remaining same sex person ‘must’ do so.The above 2 rulings will provide TFC Volleyball, teams & their opponents consistency, competitiveness & fair play taking into account the difference in playing surface.


Social Responsibility

For TFC Volleyball, social responsibility is central to the way we do business. We contribute charitable dollars, from our indoor & outdoor Leagues & Tournaments, on an annual basis to the following organizations:

  • Burnaby South Secondary School Athletic Program – $1000 from the annual 24 Hour Reverse Co-Ed 4’s Fundraiser.
  • North Shore Hospice Society – $2000.
  • Ride to Conquer Cancer – $2000.
  • BC Children Miracle’s Network – $4000.
  • MOvember (in support of prostate cancer research) – $2000.


Join Our Team

1. INDOOR LEAGUE COORDINATOR – Monday Tier 1/2 Womens 4’s @ Bonsor Recreation Complex, Burnaby from 7:15 – 10:30pm between September – December 2017 AND January – April 2018.  7 weeks per league.

If you are interested in being a part of our team, please contact Rex – rex@tfcvolleyball.com for details.